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URL Forwarding in NameCheap


Lots of us want to get the .net, .org etc. to our websites or we may even have lots of other urls that we want to forward to one specific URL.

If you use NameCheap as your domain name registry ( which I highly advise ) This is a pretty simple task.

1. Click on "Manage Domains".

2. Click on the domain that you want to forward.

3. Click on "URL Forwarding" to the left.

4. In the two spaces you will put the domain that you want the domain you clicked on to forward to. For example: if you the domain that you clicked on was and you want it to forward to another domain that you may own called then you would do as follows.

In space one put the domain that you want it forwarded to, in this case like this: then to the immediate right of that make sure that URL forward is selected from the dropdown box, to the imediate right of that the number "1800" should be in the box, if its not, then change it to 1800.

In the space right under it copy and do the exact same thing. as you did just now, everything the same, save your changes, and give the domain up to 24 hours to propogate, then check it.

Hope this helps.

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